Terms and Conditions 规则


Advertising Rules

     1.  Private, professional and company classified ads on eatingkaki.com, whether selling tangible or intangible products, offering services are deemed to have rights to enter into a legal contract.


     2.  Ads listed for pure marketing purposes without offering any concrete goods, jobs or services are not allowed. You should place your own ads and not place ads on behalf of someone else.


     3.  Your ad title should briefly and concisely describe what is being advertised.


     4.  Your ad description should describe correctly what is being advertised. It should also not contain offensive or abusive remarks, or links to other auction/classifieds or marketplace sites. It should not be copied from other advertisers (this is illegal under copyright laws). You can place links that are relevant to your ad in the ad text description. However, you cannot place links to another auction, classifieds, or marketplace site.


     5.  Eatingkaki.com allows ads in English, Bahasa Malaysia and Chinese. Other languages ads will be forbidden and removed without notifying the advertiser.


     6.  You should place your ad in the appropriate category that best describes what is being advertised. We have the rights to relocate or remove your ad.


     7.  No duplication of your same ad. You should only advertise one unique item in each ad. Posting the same ad using a different name or email is also not allowed.


     8.  Animals traded must observe and follow the Wildlife Protection Act of Malaysia 1972, the Fisheries Act 1985, and CITES.


     9.  Pirated goods and forged items are not allowed. No bidding auction price is allowed.


     10. You should provide the realistic selling price of your items.


     11. Ads featuring goods and services that are prohibited from sale according to Malaysian laws are not allowed on this site.


     12. Sales of goods and services must follow applicable laws and regulations of Malaysia for the given profession and goods.


     13. Only relevant images to your ad are allowed. Company logos should not be used as images except for the intangible products and services. The followings are some unsuitable images to use:

            ♦ It is downloaded from internet websites

            ♦ It is not in JPG or PNG format image

            ♦ It is taken from another advertiser without his/ her consent (illegal under copyright laws)

            ♦ It contains offensive images that could be perceived to be offensive or provocative in nature

            ♦ It contains offensive or abusive words

            ♦ It contains watermark, other than that of eatingkaki.com

            ♦ It is too small or unclear


     14. Unutilized balance or Wallet Credit balance cannot be exchanged for cash or withdrawn.




     1.  eatingkaki.com 上的私人、专业和公司分类广告,无论是销售有形或无形产品,提供服务均视为有权订立合法合同。


     2.  不允许为纯粹的营销目的而列出的广告,而没有提供任何具体的商品、工作或服务。您应该放置自己的广告,而不是代表他人放置广告。


     3.  你的广告标题应该简明扼要地描述所宣传的内容。


     4.  您的广告描述应该正确描述所宣传的产品或服务。它不应包含攻击性或辱骂性言论,或链接其他拍卖/分类或市场网站。您也不得从其他广告商那里复制(根据版权法,这是非法的)。您可以在广告文字说明中放置与您的广告相关的链接。但是,不能放置指向其他拍卖、分类广告或市场网站的链接。


     5.  eatingkaki.com 允许使用英文、马来文和中文投放广告。 其他语言的广告将在不通知广告商的情况下被禁止和删除。


     6.  您应该将您的广告放在最能描述所宣传内容的适当类别中。我们有权删除您的广告或重新放置到另一类别 。


     7.  不得重复您的同一广告。您应该在每个广告中只宣传一件独特的商品。也不允许使用不同的名称或电子邮件发布相同的广告。


     8.  动物的交易必须遵守 1972 年马来西亚野生动物保护法、1985 年渔业法和 CITES。


     9.  不允许贩卖盗版和伪造物品。不允许竞价拍卖价格。


     10. 您应该提供物品的实际售价。


     11. 本网站不允许投放马来西亚法律禁止销售的商品和服务的广告。


     12. 商品和服务的销售必须遵守马来西亚适用于特定行业和商品的法律和法规。


     13. 只允许使用与您的广告相关的图片。除无形产品和服务外,公司徽标不应用作图像。 以下是一些不适合使用的图片:

           ♦ 从互联网网站下载

           ♦ 它不是 JPG 或 PNG 格式的图像

           ♦ 未经他/她的同意从另一个广告商处获取(根据版权法是非法的)

           ♦ 它包含可能被认为具有攻击性或挑衅性的冒犯性图片

           ♦ 它包含冒犯性或辱骂性的词语

           ♦ 它包含除eatingkaki.com 以外的水印

           ♦ 太小或不清晰


     14. 余额和电子钱包余额不允许换成现金或提取。