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About Us


Our site allows anyone to buy and sell goods, offer and engage services conveniently. You may find anything, whether tangible or intangible products, you need in the site.

We merely provide a platform of services to the user, please note that we do not collect any payment for the sales of goods or services offered on behalf of the seller. The trading of tangible and intangible products or services offered by the seller are seal directly between the sell and buyer. We do not get involve in the trading transaction.


Advice From Us


  • Never pay in advance to a seller that you do not know.
  • Even if the seller discloses his/her personal information or bank account number, this does not protect you from being cheated.
  • Always request for the original receipt of purchase from the seller, to verify that he/her is the rightful owner of the item; and to verify that the item is authentic.
  • Avoid sending goods or payment without finding more detailed information from the other party.
  • Avoid meeting face to face for safety reason. However, if it is necessary to meet for the transaction, it is advise to meet at a public place to deal.


Take extra caution when ...


  • The offer sounds too good to be true. Think twice before you commit.
  • The other party keeps pushing very hard to complete the deal asap, giving you no time to think.
  • The other party giving excuses that he/she is overseas or working offshore.
  • You are asked to pay large sum of money without meeting each other.
  • You are asked for your bank account or credit card number with or without reason.
  • Buying expensive branded items. It is always advisable to authenticate the item at a certified shop before buying and paying.


Banking Info


Your payment for Wallet credit purchase, membership fees and other fees may be banked in or transferred to the following banking account:

Bank Name: Public Bank Berhad

Account No: xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx

Account Name: XXXXX

Email: paymentsupport<@>caricari.online

Remarks: Please ignore and drop the angle brackets “<” and “>” when you email to us.


我们的网站允许任何人方便的买卖商品和提供服务。 您可以在网站上找到您需要的任何东西,无论是有形产品还是无形产品。 我们仅为用户提供服务平台,请注意,我们不代表任何卖家/买家收取销售商品或提供服务的费用。 卖方提供的有形和无形产品或服务的交易是在买卖双方之间直接进行。 我们无参与贸易交易。




  • 切勿预先向您不认识的卖家付款。
  • 即使卖家公开了他/ 她的个人信息或银行帐号,也不能保护您免于受骗。
  • 向卖家索取原本购买收据,以验证他/ 她是该物品的合法拥有者; 并验证该项目是真实的。
  • 避免在没有了解对方更详细信息的情况下发送货物或付款。
  • 如果交易需要见面,建议在公共场所见面。 千万不要答应在对方家里见面。




  • 这个提议听起来令人难以置信。 在你承诺之前三思而后行。
  • 对方一直在极力推动尽快完成交易,让你没有时间思考。
  • 对方以身在国外或不在本地为借口。
  • 你被要求在没有见面的情况下支付大笔款项无论有没有理由。
  • 你被要求提供你的银行账户或信用卡号码。
  • 购买昂贵的品牌商品。 在购买和付款之前,建议在经过认证的商店验证商品。






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