Q&A 问与答




1)   How do I post ad for free?


Refer to details on Post Ad, its button is located at the bottom of the page.


2)   Is there any difference between free ad and paid ad?


Yes. You may refer to Post Ad for more details.


3)   Is free ad really free?


Yes, you need not pay a single cent for posting your free ad.


4)   How does paid ad work?


You need to sign up a membership plan with the fee associated. Once the payment is cleared, you can immediately post any number of ads up to the quantity offered in the plan that you have signed up without any hidden cost. Other fees will only be charged if you want to promote your ad, mark as premium or move to the top.


5)   How to make payment?


You can pay by Wallet credit or bank transfer (or bank in).


6)   What is Wallet credit?


Wallet credit is purchasing credit with smaller money to get more credit in your account. It saves more for you. For example, if you purchase a Credit Pack of RM60, you will have your account credited with RM120. It doubles your credit balance and saves a lot for you,


7)   Which payment method is better?


Pay by Wallet credit saves much for you. You have discounted rate or membership plus the extra credit bonus you earn through purchasing credit.


8)   How do I pay by Wallet credit?


First sign up as a member and login. Go to “My account” click “Buy” or “Promotion” button. Then click “Wallet & Packs”, select the credit packs that you want and add to cart. Click “Transfer” to checkout, use your mobile phone to make your online transfer to our bank account. After payment has been made, you can utilize your credit amount in your account to subscribe your membership.


9)   Can I withdraw my balance in my account?


No, you can’t. You are not allowed to exchange for cash or withdraw.


10)  Can I subscribe two plans with the same username?


No, you can’t.


11)  Is the membership fee displayed at a discounted rate?


Yes and No. If you are paying by Wallet credits, you are  entitled a 50% discount by purchasing the required credit package for your membership plan first. Then sign up the required membership plan and pay by Wallet credit. If you are paying direct for your membership plan without purchasing the Wallet credit, you will not entitle the 50% discount.





1)  如何免费发布广告?


详情请阅登广告(Post Ad),其按钮位于页面底部。


2)  免费广告和付费广告有什么区别吗?


有。 您可以参考登广告页面以了解更多详情。


3)  免费广告真的免费吗?




4)  付费广告如何运作?


您需要注册一个包含相关费用的会员套餐。 一旦付清套餐款额, 您可以立即发布任意数量的广告,不超过您套餐中提供的广告数量,它不含任何隐藏费用。 如您同意购买其他服务如宣传广告,标记为优质广告或移动到网页顶部广告,才会征收少量费用。


5)  如何付款?




6)  什么是钱包信用?


钱包积分是用较少的钱购买较多的账号银额,它 为您节省更多。例如,如果您购买 RM60 的电子钱包配套,您将 会获得 RM120 存入您的帐户。双培你的余额,为你节省更多。


7)  哪种付款方式更好?


通过钱包积分支付可以为您节省更多。 您有会员折扣价再加上钱包积分奖励付款会享受到更优惠的折扣。


8)  我如何使用钱包积分支付?


首先注册成为会员并登录。 点击“我的帐户”(My account),单击“购买”(Buy)或“促销”(Promotion)按钮。 然后点击“Wallet & Packs”,选择您想要的钱包套餐并添加到购物车(Add to cart)。 点击 “转账”(Transfer)结账,用手机在线转账到我们 账户。 过账后,您可以使用您账户中的积分额付会员订购费。


9)  我可以提取我账户中的余额吗?




10)  我可以用同一个用户名订阅两个计划吗?




11)  会员费是否以折扣价显示?


是和否。如果您通过电子钱包积分付款,即可享有 50% 的折扣。您首先需购买会员计划所需的积分套, 后注册所需的会员计划并通过电子钱包积分付款。如果您直接支付会员计划费用而不购买电子钱包积分,将无法享有 50% 的折扣。